It all began in February 2006; Courtney was interning at Towson University’s College of Business and Economics in the Communications department, and was fervently reading over her speech that she had prepared for The Associate Competition at the college, which is similar to Donald Trump’s The Apprentice on TV. While she was reading over her speech Santi came up to the door of the office to meet with her boss who happened to be on the phone, Courtney said hi and they began talking and found out that they were both going to be participating in The Associate competition.
After that first meeting Santi knew there was something special about Courtney and was determined to win her over. Since they had been put on different teams for the competition Santi came up with a great way to ask her out, a wager that if Courtney’s team lost a case study than Santi would take her to dinner and vice versa. Unfortunately for Santi’s wallet Courtney’s team ended up losing all of the case studies, luckily after the first lost case and their first date at Xando in Baltimore, MD complete with smores and martinis, Courtney was hooked. We have since enjoyed many wonderful dinner dates and cannot wait to enjoy many more.