Courtney’s parents had moved to Belgium in August 2008, while she was sad to see them go, she was very excited to visit them for 10 days at the end of January. Once Santi had heard about her trip and the 2 days that they would spend in Paris he knew that this was how he was going to propose. After asking Courtney’s parents for their permission to ask Courtney to marry him, he explained his plan to her mom who was of course thrilled! Then the planning and plotting began, from Santi google mapping the exact place he was going to propose and all of the emails and phone calls to her parents to figure out the logistics to Court’s sister Kerry sneaking him an international cell phone after her recent trip to Belgium.  
The time finally came for Court’s trip and after a goodbye at the airport to Santi she was off to Europe.  After 4 fun filled days with her family, Court and her parents were on the train to Paris and after checking into their beautiful hotel, they were off to Versailles for the day. Little did Courtney know but her dad had left a key at the front desk for Santi to pick up and had been talking to him on the international cell phone the whole day that they were in Versailles. After the trip to Versailles Court and her parents went to rest for a little bit and get ready to see the Eiffel Tower light show and to go to dinner. Unfortunately Courtney had fallen asleep and was not ready when they planned to meet up, after hearing it from her parents for being late Court quickly flat ironed her hair and got ready to go. Still annoyed from her parents rushing her ,Court did not realize that Santi was walking behind them to the Plaza de Alma (and had been freezing outside of the hotel while Court was running late) which is a beautiful bridge overlooking the Siene River and the Eiffel Tower, and where they had planned to watch the Eiffel Tower light show and Santi had planned his proposal.  Once they reached a spot on the bridge Court’s dad got the camera ready to take a video of her and her mom with the Eiffel tower in the background. Once ready, Santi came out from behind her dad, went down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?”  Court of course said yes and after many hugs and kisses they all went back to the hotel for dinner to celebrate, while poor Santi tried to fight off jag lag, having flown into Paris that morning and been awake for almost 48 hours. After the wonderful proposal Santi and Court got a tour of Europe from Court’s parents for the next 5 days. Courtney still to this day does not know how she got so lucky to have found such a wonderful guy and to have gotten engaged in Paris!